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 Karnataka State Coir Co-operative Federation Ltd :

      The Karnataka State Coir Co-operative Federation was established in the year 1961. - Registration No.JDIRP-1/80/60/60-61

The Main Objectives of the Federation.

1. To assist and support primary coir Co-operative Societies.
2. To provide training.
3. Supply of raw-materials.
4. Providing Marketing facilities.
5. Technical guidance.
5. Implementation of Govt schemes.

No. of Primary Coir Co-op. Societies affiliated to the Federation.

      The Federation is having 60 coir primary Co-operative Societies as its affiliated Members.

Activities of the Federation.

         Since 50 years from the date of establishment Federation is engaged in the manufacture of coir and its by-products and developing coir sector in the State through Co-operative movement. It is imparting training to poor women Artisans and providing permanent employment opportunities in the Coir Industry.  It also markets the products manufactured by the poor Artisans through its sales outlets. At present Federation is having Assets worth Rs.838.00 lakhs.  The Federation is having 60 coir primary Co-operative Societies as its affiliated Members. The Federation is also having 14 Sales outlets and 3 Mobile Sales Van. The Federation is also running 15 Production units in different parts of the State with 2 Central coir godowns for storing the coir products manufactured by the Federation. Federation is implementing two SFURTI COIR CLUSTERS i.e. one at Hassan (Dudda) and Arsikere Sfurti sponsored by The Govt. of India through Coir Board, Kochi. The Federation is also implementing the Coir Development schemes sponsored by State and Central Govt.

The Karnataka State Federation of sugar factories ltd

The Karnataka State Federation of Co-operative Sugar Factories Ltd., Bangalore, was registered vide No.1919: RCS: 61, dated: 23.7.1961 under the Karnataka Cooperative Societies Act 1959, by the Registrar of Co-operative Societies in Karnataka, Bangalore


Objectives Of The Federation:

    1. To advise and encourage the sugarcane farmers of Co-operative sugar factories in organizing sugar factories on cooperative basis and to run the existing factories more efficiently, in expanding them to make them available all Technical, Financial and Administrative assistance etc.
    2. To do necessary promotional work for agro-industrial development in the area of co-operative sugar factories.
    3. To advise and render technical and other assistance in the matter of selection and purchase and sale of machinery, spares, tools and other equipments, consumables, selection of factory sites, preparation of factory layout, appointment of higher administrative and technical staff, cultivation and transport of sugarcane.
    4. To purchase and sell the machinery, spares, tools, instruments, chemical, gunny bags and fuel and any other requirements of the Karkhanes, to get them inspected by Technical Experts and to arrange for their transport and further to purchase in bulk at the request in writing or otherwise any other material required by the member Karkhanes or to secure agency for the same.
    5. To undertake or to arrange for the sale or utilization of by-products of member Karkhanes and to open sale emporia or appoint agents inside and outside Karnataka State for the distribution of sugar and other bye-products.
    6. To render technical and financial advice to member Karkhanes in respect of profitable utilization of the bye-products and to arrange for their marketing and to encourage auxiliary industries on co-operative basis and to generally advise member Karkhanes.
    7. To represent member Karkhanes at State Government, Central Government, Institutions, Commissions or individuals and to present their views to any authority on their behalf and to secure financial assistance from the aforesaid institutions/authorities and the Government.
    8. To collect information regarding sugar industry and circulate newsletters and journals including publications.
    9. To render advice to member Karkhanes for increasing sugarcane yield, to make available new varieties of seeds, to conducts research in cane cultivation, supply information regarding fertilizers, to propagate disease preventive measures and to distribute pesticides to member factories.
    10. To help in solving problems relating to factory’s administration and allied fields and problems put forth by the producer members or any other problems or schemes regarding increase in sugar and sugarcane yield and to forward the report thereof to member factories for guidance.
    11. Assistance to the factories in appointment of Experts in the filed of Architecture, Pollution Control, Co-generation of Power etc.
    12. Advise on sugarcane development, preparation of loan application for availability of SDF loans from Government of India.
    13. Sick units rehabilitation programmes.
    14. Representing member factories at State Govt. and Central Govt. Institutions and Commissions to present their problems and proposals.
    15. Assisting Directorate of Sugar on matters connected with Co-operative Sugar Factories for speedy clearance.
    16. Assisting the State Level Advisory Committee for selection and purchase of plant and machinery required by Co-operative Sugar Factories.
    17. Compilation of statistical information on sugar industry, particularly co-operative sector.
    18. To invite experts who have special knowledge on sugar industry to advise the member karkhanes on development of sugar industry.
    19. To do all other related things to achieve all the above objectives.

Membership of the Federation.

Total Membership of the Federation was 34, of which, sugar Factories in cooperative sector are 15, cooperative sugar factories under erection are 03, leased out cooperative sugar factories(for private) are 08 and liquidated cooperative sugar factories are 07 and newly registered and defunct 01.

Federation Activities:

        The federation provides assistance to advise and encourage the sugarcane farmers of Co-operative sugar factories in organizing sugar factories on cooperative basis and to run the existing factories more efficiently, it provides servicess such as Advisory, consultancy and liaison services on technical, financial and administrative matters of member cooperative sugar factories, Preparation of necessary application for obtaining licences, statutory approvals.

        Preparation of project viability report, tender documents for supply of plant and machinery agreements of supplies and erection of plant. Monitoring and Inspection works of new and expansion factories. Advise on sugarcane development, preparation of loan application for availing SDF loans from Govt. of India. Sick Units rehabilitation programme. Representing member factories at State Govt., Central Govt, Commissions and Institutions etc., to present their problems and proposals. Assisting the State Level Advisory Committee for selection and purchase of plant and machinery etc.

         It also helping member sugar industries with regard to Liasion services on matters connected with CSFs for speedy clearance to State and Central Govt. Directorate of Sugar and related Departments.


Karnataka state woolen handloom weavers co-operative federation ltd. Bangalore.:


The federation is registered on 25-06-1955 as per Registration No-1620. The jurisdiction of the federation is State Limit. The Primary Woolen handloom weavers Co-Operative Societies having Khadi and village industry certificate. There are 81 Primary Co-Operative Societies become members of this federation. The main objective of this federation is purchasing providing marketing facility to the woolen blankets produced by the member Co-Operative Societies. It provides Employment opportunity to the weavers.


The Karntaka Industrial co operative federation ltd.:


      Federation was registered on 24.08.1993 by the Registrar of Co-operative Societies and its Registration number is INB : 3:51 : IMC : 17351 : 93-94 dated 24.08.1993.The federation formed to assist the Industrial Co-operative societies to have technical and financial guidance. At present this federation is not functioning properly.


Karnataka state woolen handloom weavers co-operative federation ltd. Bangalore :


       The federation provides marketing facility to the cotton and silk handloom products produced by the members of the handloom weavers co-operative societies in the state. The total membership is 395 primary handloom weavers’ co-op societies. 30 thousand weaver’s members producing many varieties of cotton and silk products and supply their products to the federation, and thus 2 lakh weavers depend on the federation for their lively hood. At present the federation is working under loss continuously and it is not in the position to pay the staff salary regularly.


Karnataka state co-operative silk marketing federation ltd.Bangalore :


       This federation has been established to develop the Silk rulers in the year 1957. The main objective of the federation is to provide marketing facility consumers by fixing rates on the basis of the quality of the product. At present 17 Primary Silk ruler Societies, Silk weavers and Silk Merchants are the members. The federation gives 0.5 % discount in service fees.

The federation is having liability to repay Rs: 4-00 Crore which has been sanctioned as financial assistance, to the Government. At present the federation is under financial crisis and loss continuously.

Karnataka state co-operative Spinning mill federation Ltd. Bangalore.:


     The federation has been registered in the year 1974. The jurisdiction of the federation is State vide. Co-Operation Spinning mills are the members of this federation. Among “Co-Operation Spinning mills, 4 mills working under own capital and 2 mills working under contract basis, and remaining 3 mills are defunct. 2 Co-Operation Spinning mills Plan is under progress.


     The federation is preparing project reports to establish new Operation Spinning mills, renewal, and revival of Silk mills, and helping to get Share, term loan by providing statistics and estimates. It also provides financial and administrative experts to the Working Spinning mills and helps to work properly and profitably .



Karnataka State Industrial Suppliers and Marketing Co operative federation :


               Karnataka state industrial suppliers and marketing co-operative federation was established in the year 2000.No.kaisasa/kaisa-3. Reg No-21580/2000-01. With the main objective of Providing Marketing facilities to Small and very Small industries Joint Director of industries and commerce department is working as Managing Director of the institution.



Karnataka state co-operative Federation Ltd., Bangalore:

       Mysore Provincial Co-operative Institution came into existence on 27the August 1924 with the sole objective of providing the necessary c0-operative education training for the development of the co-operative movement of the state and also to give wide publicity for the activities of the co-operatives. Like minded co-operators were behind this move. This organization was renamed as Mysore State Co-operative Union soon after the re-organization of states on linguistic basis. Further again four co-operative institutions were merged and the new institution was formed called Karnataka State Co-operative Federation Limited.

       This federation is not profit making institution. Federation is providing Co-operative training and education to the members’ staff and Board of directors of the Co-operative Institution. With help of 2% education fund received out of the profit earned by the other Co-operative Institutions.


Karnataka state woolen handloom weavers Non-Khadi Co-operative societies Ferderation Ltd., Challakere:

      In the beginning the federation this was registered on 30-12-1995 as per Reg No.ಕೈ.ಮ.ಜ.ಸಂ.ನಿ.ಟಿ ನೋಂದಣಿ 23046/1995-96 as chitradurga district woolen hand loom weavers federation ltd challkere. Further this institution was again renamed as Karnataka State Woolen hand loom weavers Khadhiyethara cooperative federation challakere as per Reg No. ಕೈ.ಜ.ಇ/ಜಂ.ರಿ/ಬೈಲಾ.ತಿ/ಚಿ.ಜಿ.ಉ.ಕೈ.ನೇ.ಮ /61/2006-2007

       Now this institution is a state vide co-op federation with the membership of co-op institutions which are not having Khadi and village industrial certificate by the commission.

       In the year 2006-2007 Rs. 15-00 Lakh sanctioned to establish woolen bank, Rs. 20-00 Lakh to construct barrack blanket production unit under textile policy scheme. This scheme has been implemented by the federation by installing woollen cutting sharing machine, generator and a mobile van in subsidy of Rs. 15-00 lakh. A godown also constructed by the federation to store woolen. Two metting, one rising machineries and installed under barrack blanket scheme. Building constructed to establish barrack blanket unit by subsidy of Rs. 17-00 lakh sanctioned by Z.P. chitradurga.

       The federation also providing training to 100 people under suvarna vartha programme. Rs. 125-00 lakh sanctioned under skill development upgradation training center plan. The federation providing marketing facility to member primary co-op society and weavers at challakere and chitradurga showroom spinning and cording machinery installed by the federation under financial assistance sanctioned in Suvarna Vastra Policy scheme.



For more details contact :

Y.H.Gopal Krishna , Addl.RCS
( Industries & Dairy
) ,
Contact No :080-22355284,
Email :

Ramesh H, ARCS (Dairy) ,
Contact No :080-22269636/37 Ext : 229 ,
Email :

Ramesh, ARCS (Industries) ,
Contact No :080-22269636/37 Ext : 229 ,
Email :

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