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Agricultural Co-operative Credit Structure

In Karnataka two types of Cooperative Credit Institutions are functioning for Agriculture loan disbursement, one is looking after short term and medium term credit and another looking after credit needs of long term.


  1. Short term and Medium term Credit Co-operative Structure (STCCS):

In the short term credit structure, 5658 PACS in the State are functioning. In addition to this, there are 21 District Cooperative Central Banks (DCCB) with 818 branches. Karnataka State Co-operative Apex Bank is functioning as State level financial institution. These institutions have prepared Business Development  Plan (BDP) with a view to strengthen capital base of their financial and organization set up in accordance with guidelines of NABARD, an MOU is signed by NABARD, State Government and Apex bank in June 1995, same was extended time to time.

  1. Long Term Credit Cooperative Credit Structure (LTCCS):


        Karnataka State Co-operative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank (KSCARD) at the State level and 176 Primary Co-operative Agriculture and Rural Development Banks at the taluk level cater to the long term credit needs in the two tier credit delivery system.

            The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) provides refinance to the Apex bank and KSCARD Bank on the loans disbursed by them.


  1. Disbursement of Agriculture loan:


            As on 31-3-2021, the short term (ST), Medium term (MT) and Long term (LT) loans issued by the co-operative credit system in the state was Rs.16366.70  crore, Rs.957.45 crore and Rs.411.13  crore respectively as against Rs.12987.17 crore, Rs.590.70 crore and Rs.264.63 crore issued Agricultural a year ago indicating a marked improvement in the issue of all type of Agricultural loans.


  1. Recovery of Loans:

The Comparative position of recovery of Short, Medium and Long term loans under the Cooperative Credit System in the State for the years from 2018-19 to 2021-22 is presented vide Table 7.3.15 . The recovery figures show that there is high overdue in long term loan compared to other term and short term loans, the recovery has fallen drastically in the current year. 




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