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Department of Co-operation


        To promote and encourage the growth of self-reliant, autonomous and economically viable co-operatives through active participation of the members


1. to take steps  to see that genuine co-operatives are organized and managed on sound lines as per the basic principles of co-operation. 
2. to render guidance and assistance for the development of co-operative movement in the state to promote the economic interest and welfare of the people.
3. to serve as a friend, philosopher and guide to all types of co-operatives.

Objective of the department

1. Strengthen the credit delivery system to the farmers through PACS and sustain the PACS by effective implementation of business development plan.
2. Extend health care facilities to all the members of rural cooperatives.
3. Encourage active participation of women and  socially and economically backward sections of the society in the cooperative movement.
4. Strengthen the infrastructure and financial position of the cooperative societies with a district level integrated approach.
5. Modernize the office management for improved efficiency.

Objectives and Responsibility

  1. The primary objective of the Department of cooperation is to see that genuine cooperatives are organized and managed on the basis of sound cooperative principles for the promotion of economic interest and welfare of the people, and to render guidance and assistance for development of cooperative movement in the state.
  2. Administering proper supervision and control on the registered co-operative societies based on the above objectives as per the provisions of the Karnataka co-operative societies Act and Rules.
  3. Enforcement of the Government policy pertaining to Agricultural credit, Agricultural produce, Horticulture, Fisheries, Dairy, their marketing and processing  and implementation of various schemes.
  4. Providing share capital, loan, interest subsidy to the members of the  credit, marketing, consumers, industries and various co-operative societies but also extending govt.  guarantee to loans availed by state level Institutions,
  5. Providing financial assistance for the upliftment of the SC/ST backward classes and minorities through the special schemes formulated by Government so that they can not only participate in the co-operative societies activities, obtain the various benefits but also come to the main stream of co-operative movement crossing the  threshold.
  6. Provide technical guidance for the implementation of the schemes formulated by the Government.
  7. Collection and compilation of statistics of department as required by Central, State Government, RBI, NABARD etc.
  8. To exercise proper control and supervision on the administration of various cooperative societies within the legal frame work of cooperative Acts and Rules.      Top                                                                                                 

Regulatory Functions of the department

  1. To organize and register various types of cooperative societies on the basis of principles of cooperation, formulating and registration of byelaws and rules for the effective functioning of these societies.
  2.  To ensure that the general body meetings and if required, special general body meetings are conducted, approve the  resolutions made in these meetings within the frame work of cooperative Acts and Rules.
  3. Appointment of election officer for conducting the election in order to elect the board members to the cooperative societies.
  4. To supervise all types of cooperative societies and to ensure that these societies functions as per the provisions of Act and Rules.
  5. Superceding and reorganization of Board in case the elected board functions against the provisions of the Act,Rules and Byelaws.
  6. In addition to the disposal of the disputes arising with respect to constitution, working and management of cooperative societies also to perform statutory and quasi-judicial functions.
  7. To perform statutory function by executing awards, decrees, orders and decisions pertaining to loan recovery.
  8. To conduct Enquiry and Inspection with regard to irregular activities in co-operative societies.
  9. Revival, Liquidation  and cancellation of registration of defunct societies.
  10. Inspection and control of business of chit fund organizations, Money lenders, Pawn Brokers   under Chit fund Act, Money lenders Act, Pawn Brokers Act and Rules.
  11. Register societies and institutions under Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960 and to implement the Act.   

Acts and Rules implemented by Co-operation Department.

  1. Karnataka Co-operative Societies Act, 1959 and Rules, 1960.
  2. Karnataka Moneylender Act, 1961 and Rules, 1965.
  3. Pawnbroker Act, 1961 and Rules, 1966.
  4. Chit fund Act, 1982. and Chit fund (Karnataka) Rules 1983.
  5. Karnataka public money (recovery of Dues) Act 1980.
  6. Karnataka Agricultural credit operations and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1974
  7. Karnataka Souharda Co-operative Act, 1997 and Rules 2004.
  8. The Karnataka Prohibition Of Charging Exorbitant Interest Act, 2004.
  9. Multi - State Co-operative Act (in part).Karnataka Debt Relief Act 2018.
  10. Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960 and Karnataka Societies Registration Rules 1961.

Organizational Structure of the Department

     The Department at the Government level has a secretariat and a five tier field department comprising of the State, region, district, sub-division and taluka levels.  The field officers of the cooperation department are not only in charge of regulating the affairs of divisional, district and taluk level co-operatives but also  implementing the  departmental programmes and schemes.

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